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What's the weather in Oaxaca?

Depends on the season, but we like the idea of winter in Oaxaca. (We like alliteration too.)

Weather in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca: Just the Climate to Study Spanish In

Oaxaca's Average Temperatures in the 80°Fs (30°Cs)

Located in the semi-desert, central valley area of Mexico’s most bio-diverse state, the southern city of Oaxaca itself sits at an elevation of 1550m (5080ft), bestowing upon it some warm-but-not-killer-hot weather almost all year round. Blue skies almost always smile on the city’s streets too.

With an average winter temperature of 77°F (25°C), the nights can still cool off to even around 50°F (10°C). It’s the spring, though, that gets warmed up to a toasty average 90°F (30°C) or higher in the day. That said, it’s really only midday that the heat is most felt, and by evening it can be back down to a very comfortable average of 61°F (16°C).

A few months of heat and by June the rains come, drenching the afternoons -- sometimes even with hail thrown in -- through September.

The altitude and latitude makes for an intense sun (you’re closer!), but the difference between the sun and shade is significant. So bring sunscreen as well as a jacket or sweater for evenings or winter, but short sleeves for daytime.

Also, except in rainy season, the semi-desert terrain also tends to dry out skin and eyes, so if you’re sensitive, bring the eyedrops and lotion you like.

One more thing: While this wouldn’t deter us for a second from going to Oaxaca (oh, we’ve been!), the ground does shake from time to time. As in Mexico City -- or heck, much of California -- casualties are very rare. So if you feel any vibrations at all while you’re in Oaxaca, don’t freak. Instead, consider it part of your earth-moving experience studying Spanish in this beautiful land!

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